Keeping your cool. (Just got easier)

Instructions and Warranty


For the protection of heat sensitive items:
  • When not in use, store coolant pouches in your freezer to prolong the life of the coolant.
  • If storing the entire Cool-it Caddy® in the freezer, remove contents prior to storage.
  • If storing the entire Cool-it Caddy® in the freezer, place a small towel such as a wash cloth inside your Cool-it Caddy® or Icepops® to maximize the interior space (for contents) once frozen.
  • Do not keep in direct sunlight or leave in a hot car.
  • If using for health items, monitor the internal temperature of your Cool-it Caddy® and Icepops® carefully.
  • Surface washable only, do not immerse in water.
  • Do not puncture, as chemical coolant may leak.
  • For best results during outdoor use, keep your Cool-it Caddy® or Icepops® out of direct sunlight. If using poolside or beachside, cover with towel or place in tote.
  • Coolant is not to be consumed.


Warranty will not apply to the product if it has been damaged by misuse, alteration, accident, unsuitable environment, improper handling, maintenance or operation, or if unauthorized repairs are attempted or made. Examples of damages not covered by warranty include, but are not limited to, gel pack leakage, which is presumed to be damage resulting from misuse or abuse.