Gift Giving Season Upon Us

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Cool Holiday Gifts

The Cool-it Caddy is the ‘coolest’ companion for the golf course, tennis courts, pool, beach,  or sport outings. This CIC Bella - Pink on Grassinsulated bag keeps your melting lipstick, gooey make-up or over-heated snacks and medications cool and fresh without bulky freezer packs or large insulated coolers.  A very chic way to show up at the golf course  (without the cooler, after all you are golfing, not camping). 

The handy ‘freeze and go’ clutch slips right into your tote bag, carry-on, golf bag, tennis bag or purse, keeping you fresh for travel, beach, pool, sport and golf outings.

CIC ManCool-it Caddy for men:  This handsome bag features top opening access with zippered closure, fully insulated interior and an integrated coolant system.  Perfect to keep his snacks, medications, lip balm and sunscreens cool while playing sports or at the game.

Cool-it Caddy Features:CIC Contempo Grouping

  • Built in gel packs, no drippy gel packs to deal with
  • Roomy interior
  • Full zip closure
  • Fully insulated ‘Freeze and Go’ interior
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Cool lasts up to 7 hours (depending upon exposure and elements.)
  • 4 styles to from which to choose, Bella, Contempo, Icepops, Man

The Cool-it Caddy makes a great gift for any golfer or tennis player- young or old, male or female – on your holiday shopping list.  On the course, the courts,  or on the go!  Cool-it Caddy is always chillin’ by your side and is the ‘coolest’ golf or tennis gift!


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Female Golfers Haute Style

September 9th, 2014 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips | Golf Tips | Women's Golf - (Comments Off on Female Golfers Haute Style)

Cool-it Caddy is Partnering with Golf4Her

From golf4her.com


The popular website for women’s golf apparel, accessories and gear,  Golf4Her,  is partnering with the hottest designers in the industry to help female golfers ‘Tee it Up’ in style!  Golf isn’t simply a game, it’s a lifestyle.  Sounds cliche’ but it’s true! That’s why we carry styles that blend fashion, sport with lifestyle giving women a fresh new look for on and off the course.  Whether you’re teeing-off or sipping tea with friends, you’re sure to find something your’ll love to wear at Golf4Her.

We are proud to be featured on such a great golf and lifestyle online shopping site.  Since  Cool-it Caddy freeze and go bags are truly ‘Cool inside, Haute outside’, we will be a perfect fit for Golf4Her shoppers who are looking for the ‘haute look’.

Take a fab little Cool-it Caddy with you anywhere to keep makeup, lip lusters, sunscreen, healthy snacks or medications cool and fresh.  With a self contained cooling mechanism there is no drippy ice pack.  Sporty never looked so fresh!  To avoid your ‘meltdown’ visit us at cool-itcaddy.com.


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Avoiding Golfer’s Meltdown

August 19th, 2014 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips - (Comments Off on Avoiding Golfer’s Meltdown)

Never Have Another Meltdown On The Course Again (no matter what your score)

There are many instances that cause golfers to meltdown on the course – a missed 2-foot putt for par, a tournament losing triple bogey on 18, or a worm-burner into the water hazard located on the next hole’s fairway to name a few.

All can be prevented, some more easily than others.Melting Lipstick

One annoying meltdown that a woman doesn’t have to put up with is a tube of lipstick in the golf bag that is reduced to a gooey, runny glob of gunk thanks to the heat. Or the $4 protein bar bought at the turn to stave off a back nine energy zap that now looks more like the mud hole trying to be avoided.

Deborah Vinci had a meltdown two years ago while golfing in the summer heat. She went to re-apply a lip protective product only to have a large chunk come off onto her lips.

“I questioned why there was not a product on the market that I could store my lipstick and keep it from melting, but also be able to conveniently throw it into my purse or golf bag,” Vinci said.

She took her meltdown and turned it into Cool-it Caddy, a grab-and-go clutch bag that keeps costly beauty or health care items protected from the heat using insulation layers and a non-toxic chemical coolant.

There is no gel or ice packs to deal with because the coolant is integrated into the design. Simply freeze the fashionable accessory bag until ready to use for any outdoor activity. The Cool-it Caddy is small enough to fit into purses, golf bags, back packs and tennis bags.

“I wanted to design a bag that served a distinct purpose, but was also high quality and stylish looking,” Vinci said. “Incorporating the cooling system into the bag itself was the key component to achieving that goal. The only other way I know to carry heat sensitive items, including medications, is in a bulky ice chest or cooler and that is just not practical.”

Original article by Janice Ferguson in The Apparel Wire golfbusinesswire

To avoid your “meltdown” visit us at www.cool-itcaddy.com.

CIC Bella - Pink on Grass

Cool-it Caddy “Bella” in pink


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Golf’s Feminine Side

July 29th, 2014 | Posted by Deborah in Women's Golf - (Comments Off on Golf’s Feminine Side)
Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie

How can we grow the game?

The number of golfers is declining and something needs to be done and we specifically need to look at growing the game for women and young girls. Can this be accomplished through offering golf in schools, offering clinics at recreational centers? Perhaps also making the public courses more female friendly.

Golf’s Feminine Side

Female golfers ages 6 and older represent about 22% of golfers in the U.S. according to statistics.  We are an important and vital segment in the golf industry yet still a small percentage overall. Golf is not only a wonderful sport but it is a great way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors, hang out with friends and can also be a great way to network for those in business. Even though primarily a social activity, many women do feel the need to take up golf for business reasons. Unless you are a tour pro, golf  is a game to play, get out in the great outdoors, have fun with friends and perhaps drum up some business.  So go and enjoy!

And by the way, don’t forget to grab your Cool-it Caddy, the hottest way to keep cosmetics cool!  Just pop your Cool-it Caddy into your freezer until frozen, next step?  Go play!

Cool-it Caddy


CIC Bella - Pink on Grass


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Women, Golf and Makeup

July 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips - (Comments Off on Women, Golf and Makeup)

The ‘Cool’ Story

Protect the most important - latest

The steamy beginning…….women, golf and makeup.

Most women LOVE their makeup, won’t leave home without it and wouldn’t be caught dead without lipstick on.  The innovative concept for the Cool-It Caddy™ was developed by founder Deborah Vinci one steamy summer afternoon while golfing in the Arizona desert.  Deborah had grown tired of dealing with melted lip balm, lipstick and sunscreen during her game and decided there had to be a solution.  Something fun and fashionable to protect not only make-up, but sunscreen, medications, eye drops, and healthy snacks (like a protein bar with chocolate that becomes a melted mess in the heat).  There had to be something to use without lugging a clumsy cooler along to the course (after all, we’re talking golfing here, not camping!).  Shortly after, her very cool, yet haute line of products was born—keeping make-up, etc. from melting in the hot summer sun, and still being fashionable and fun. You simply freeze the bag then “grab and go”. No more product meltdown.  Currently, Cool-it Caddy™ and Icepops™ are sold online and at retail locations across the country, as well as private golf clubs and resorts.

CIC Bella - Zebra with Lemon

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