Tabata High Intensity Interval Training

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Here at Cool-it Caddy we are sold on Tabata.  A great work out where you will burn calories all day.  We always take a Cool-it Caddy ‘freeze and go’ bag along to the gym that is packed with healthy snacks to get fueled after your work out!
Here is some Tabata info from Skinny Ms.


Some say that anything worthwhile takes time and doesn’t come easily. We’re here to prove that old saying wrong. The number 4 is going to be your key to success with this quick fitness calendar and complementary playlist. 4 weeks. 4-minute workouts. 4-minute songs. We’ve created the perfect workout calendar for you.

If you’re not familiar with Tabata routines, you’ve been missing out on the best 4 minutes of your life. Tabata is a variation of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT routines are high energy workouts that help burn fat in a shorter amount of time by boosting your metabolism, increasing your lean muscle strength, cardiovascular system, and lung capacity. Tabata was discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team of researchers at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. While comparing two groups, one group worked for five days a week for an hour, at moderate pace and another group worked 4 days a week for 4 minutes and 20 seconds at a high intensity pace. The end result showed that the second group increased both their cardio and muscular system. Thus Tabata was born.

Tabata routines work as follows: 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. This equals one 30 second round. Depending on how many rounds you have, your end goal becomes 4 minutes total of 8, 30 second rounds. You can do 8 different exercises, 4, or 2, it’s your call. The more diversity in the workout, the more challenging it is, the more muscle groups you target and the better your results will be. This calendar is here to give you these results. 4 weeks of various Tabata routines with the perfect 4-minute song to go with each workout. The songs are high energy and upbeat. When the song ends, your workout ends. 4 minutes listening to amazing music, 4 minutes working out, and most importantly, forever creating lifelong results for your body. You can’t beat that.

Review exercises ahead of time so you know what to expect from your workout. Some workouts have multiple videos, so make sure you only follow the video assigned for that specific day. Work hard from beginning to end, enjoy your rest days, and remember that good things can come at a fast pace.

Take Along Healthy Snacks In A Cool-it Caddy. Pack your healthy eats in an Icepops snack pack bag by Cool-it Caddy.  A great and easy way to take along your snacks for the day while out and about.

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A Healthy Gut Is Key To Feeling Well

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An excerpt from an  article by Karen Fernau, The Republic | azcentral.com

Listen to your gut for health advice

The gut, or gastrointestinal tract, impacts all systems, organs and cells in the body. Up to 70 percent of the body’s immune system lives in the gut.

When the gut is out of whack, so goes good health.    Halibut

“If people come to me fatigued or just not feeling well, the first thing I do is look at the gut. It’s usually the cause,” said Patti Milligan, a Scottsdale-based director of nutrition for Tignum, an international consulting business that engineers programs for executives to gain energy, mental agility and stamina.

The reason: The gut is home to 100 trillion microorganisms and more than 400 species of bacteria, both good and bad. Good bacteria keep the body shipshape. Too much bad bacteria causes inflammation and infection that can lead to constipation, acid reflux, arthritis, depression and autoimmune disease.

According to Milligan, the blame for the spike in unhealthy guts falls squarely on a diet full of processed foods, antibiotics, food dyes and preservatives, acid-blocking drugs and chronic stress. So does sleeping too little and eating erratic meals.

The way to maintain gut health is with the right foods. A healthful diet is essential to allowing healthy bacteria to do their job.

“Eating the wrong food, too much food, or eating at the wrong time can cause discomfort and, more importantly, leads to diminished health and performance,” said Milligan, whose RX for a healthy gut includes a three-pronged regimen of probiotics, high-fiber goods and healing herbs.

A side benefit of a healthy gut is a revved-up metabolism.

“People feel better and lose weight at the same time,” Milligan said. “Both should motivate anyone to eat the foods to make their gut healthy, and stay away from those that kill the good bacteria.”
To keep your healthy snacks icy cool visit us at www.cool-itcaddy.com.  “Cool inside. Haute outside.”

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Healthy Snacking

August 12th, 2014 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips - (Comments Off on Healthy Snacking)

Healthy Snacking for Diet Success and for Re-fueling Your Brain as Well as Your Body

An excerpt from Fitness Magazine

Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking courtesy of listotic.com

Think you can’t snack when you’re trying to lose weight? Think again. This healthy, low-calorie snack will satisfy your diet cravings and help you reach your weight-loss goals.

Homemade Trail Mix

For many women, dieting equals food restriction. Snacks? They usually get eliminated in the name of saving calories. But snacking when you’re watching your weight is actually a good idea. “[When dieting,] people often wait too long in between meals, so by the time they eat, they’re so hungry, their portions or choices are out of control,” says Linda McLachlan, RD, CDN, a New Jersey dietitian with Nutrition Matters, LLC. “Snacking helps keep you satisfied and wards off cravings.” Here, seven low-calorie snacks to help you with your diet goals.
Homemade Trail Mix
“Diet-friendly snacking doesn’t necessarily have to be low-fat,” says McLachlan. What’s more important: Portion size. A homemade trail mix of walnuts, mini chocolate chips, and raisins is a snack that’s satisfying (thanks to the sweetness and fat) and healthy for a dieter if portion sizes are kept in check. “Mix a palm full of walnuts with a pinch of chocolate chips and a pinch of raisins — it’s not always realistic to measure,” says McLachlan.
Recommended serving size: about 1 ounce of walnuts and about a teaspoon each of raisins and chocolate chips
Calories: about 250 fitnessmagazine

Icepops 1 Blueberry_rtA great way to keep your healthy snacks cool and fresh (and keep the chocolate in the snack mix from melting) is to use a “freeze and go” Icepops by Cool-it Caddy.  Icepops is a personal cooler that you just pop into your freezer until frozen then fill with your healthy snacks and off you go…..to the golf course, tennis courts, hiking or to the board room where you want to be on top of your game with a brain that is fueled.


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