Spring is Here!

March 14th, 2015 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips - (Comments Off on Spring is Here!)

No more warm weather meltdown.

Since spring is here and the temps will be climbing soon, it’s time to purchase a Cool-it Caddy bag to Melting Lipstickprotect your heat sensitive makeup, sunscreen, medications or snacks such as a protein bar.  Heading out to play golf or tennis, heading to the beach or pool, getting on that bike or taking a hike, you might want to take a few essentials with you and if you pack them into a ‘freeze and go’ Cool-it Caddy you won’t have to worry about a warm weather meltdown!  Simply pop your Cool-it Caddy into your freezer until frozen. Next step? Go play! The cooling mechanism is self-contained so no drippy ice packs.  Check out the line at Cool-itCaddy.com.

CIC Bella - Zebra with Lemon

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Gift Giving Season Upon Us

November 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips - (Comments Off on Gift Giving Season Upon Us)

Cool Holiday Gifts

The Cool-it Caddy is the ‘coolest’ companion for the golf course, tennis courts, pool, beach,  or sport outings. This CIC Bella - Pink on Grassinsulated bag keeps your melting lipstick, gooey make-up or over-heated snacks and medications cool and fresh without bulky freezer packs or large insulated coolers.  A very chic way to show up at the golf course  (without the cooler, after all you are golfing, not camping). 

The handy ‘freeze and go’ clutch slips right into your tote bag, carry-on, golf bag, tennis bag or purse, keeping you fresh for travel, beach, pool, sport and golf outings.

CIC ManCool-it Caddy for men:  This handsome bag features top opening access with zippered closure, fully insulated interior and an integrated coolant system.  Perfect to keep his snacks, medications, lip balm and sunscreens cool while playing sports or at the game.

Cool-it Caddy Features:CIC Contempo Grouping

  • Built in gel packs, no drippy gel packs to deal with
  • Roomy interior
  • Full zip closure
  • Fully insulated ‘Freeze and Go’ interior
  • Waterproof exterior
  • Cool lasts up to 7 hours (depending upon exposure and elements.)
  • 4 styles to from which to choose, Bella, Contempo, Icepops, Man

The Cool-it Caddy makes a great gift for any golfer or tennis player- young or old, male or female – on your holiday shopping list.  On the course, the courts,  or on the go!  Cool-it Caddy is always chillin’ by your side and is the ‘coolest’ golf or tennis gift!


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Cool Inside. Haute Outside

November 13th, 2014 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips | Makeup and Cosmetics - (Comments Off on Cool Inside. Haute Outside)

A Classic Makeup Bag with a Twist (and on the rocks)

Here’s the twist,  Cool-it Caddy keeps your lip lusters, sunscreen and makeup chilled in even the hottest of places.  What makes it so haute?  Just pop and play.  Just pop the Cool-it Caddy into a freezer until frozen.  Next step?  Go play. Whether on the golf course, on the boat, or just on the go.  Courtside, beachside, or poolside, Cool-it Caddy is always chillin’ by your side.CIC Contempo-Ice Bucket

Just tuck this fab little ‘freeze and go’ Cool-it Caddy anywhere to keep makeup, healthy snacks or even heat sensitive medications cool and fresh.  Great for traveling and taking those essentials with you and keeping them protected from a meltdown. Take a healthy snack with you on the plane for a healthier alternative to airport food or be able to take a heat sensitive medication that you need to have with you and carry it in a fashionable bag.   So many possibilities for this fun yet functional bag.

Available in four styles at fine retailers everywhere or at Cool-itCaddy.com.

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An Easy Aid in the Prevention of Colds!

November 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips - (Comments Off on An Easy Aid in the Prevention of Colds!)

Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Prevent (and Treat!) Colds and the Flu

I thought this was a very interesting article about an easy and natural way to help in the prevention of colds and wanted to pass it along.  The article is from Organic Authority  by   .  Here’s to a healthy winter season!

Apple cider vinegar is pretty incredible stuff. But did you know it can be helpful in preventing the onset of colds and the flu?

Even in California, winter can mean a pretty nasty cold and flu season. We spent Thanksgiving in the throes of stuffy woes…and with a newborn baby it was no fun. Had I been less distracted (as in, not having a newborn!), I would have realized the time of year and all the germs that come with it. But before we knew it, there was mucus. Lots and lots of mucus.

With my normal wits about me, I would have done my best to prevent coming down with the flu by using apples-366x550apple cider vinegar, especially after we had guests flying in from all over the country to see the baby—and coming straight from the germy airport to our house! But of course, I missed the window and we all got sick, baby too.

While it’s highly acidic, apple cider vinegar actually helps the body to keep pH levels balanced, which can help prevent colds and flu germs from getting cozy in your nose and chest. A properly alkalized body is unappealing to germs.

Most of us tend to run a bit more acidic, thanks to the standard American diet, so it’s no wonder we spend the winter months battling germs.

Prevention.com says drinking a tablespoon or two of ACV at the first onset of a cold or the flu—or when someone close to you has it — will help prevent the full on bout of ick. If drinking it straight up is too much for you, mix it in with water, or hot tea and some maple syrup. You can also add it to salad dressings.

If you waited too long and have been hit by a cold or the flu, drink the vinegar anyway. It’ll help your body fight off the germs, give you some energy and help improve your digestion.

You can also use it to get rid of a sinus or chest infection. For a sinus infection or stuffy head, add 1/8 of a cup of ACV to the water in a vaporizer and leave on over night.


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Female Golfers Haute Style

September 9th, 2014 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips | Golf Tips | Women's Golf - (Comments Off on Female Golfers Haute Style)

Cool-it Caddy is Partnering with Golf4Her

From golf4her.com


The popular website for women’s golf apparel, accessories and gear,  Golf4Her,  is partnering with the hottest designers in the industry to help female golfers ‘Tee it Up’ in style!  Golf isn’t simply a game, it’s a lifestyle.  Sounds cliche’ but it’s true! That’s why we carry styles that blend fashion, sport with lifestyle giving women a fresh new look for on and off the course.  Whether you’re teeing-off or sipping tea with friends, you’re sure to find something your’ll love to wear at Golf4Her.

We are proud to be featured on such a great golf and lifestyle online shopping site.  Since  Cool-it Caddy freeze and go bags are truly ‘Cool inside, Haute outside’, we will be a perfect fit for Golf4Her shoppers who are looking for the ‘haute look’.

Take a fab little Cool-it Caddy with you anywhere to keep makeup, lip lusters, sunscreen, healthy snacks or medications cool and fresh.  With a self contained cooling mechanism there is no drippy ice pack.  Sporty never looked so fresh!  To avoid your ‘meltdown’ visit us at cool-itcaddy.com.


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Lipstick: a Dose of Color

August 31st, 2014 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips - (Comments Off on Lipstick: a Dose of Color)

L’oreal color riche extraordinaire liquid lipstick

An excerpt from imabeautygeek.com by Janine Falcon

Lipstick who? Gloss-like colour keeps distracting me. This time it’s L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire liquid lipstick, and if you don’t already have four or five of them, catch up already. They’re one of the least expensive ways to take five years off your face (that’s a tip for those of us in the 40+ club).LOreal-Colour-Riche-Extraordinaire-liquid-lipstick

If you want to look about five years younger, put on a pink lip gloss. Truth. And that’s not a new trick.

What’s new is what a gloss format can deliver now: light, non-sticky, hydrating, pigmented, demi-sheer shiny finishes in a wider range of fresh, young shades. And all without hurting your budget.

Have you noticed how much prettier lip colour has become in the last few years? Pink, schmink — go bright, I say. That said, half the rewind power of gloss is in the shine, so softer hues will still do the look-younger trick.

Who does not like a great lipstick?  An easy way to give you a pick-me-up and even a whole new look.   I’m looking for fun and flirty colors and finishes,  bold but wearable and all that combined in a little tube.  We’re talking lipsticks here! After you’ve found that perfect lipstick and paid dearly for it, how about protecting it when you head out with an icy cool Cool-it Caddy bag.  What makes it so cool?  Cool lips. No drips.  Tuck a fab little “freeze and go” Cool-it Caddy anywhere to keep your lip lusters cool and fresh.  The cooling mechanism is self contained, so the best part?  No drippy ice pack and no melted lipstick! cool-itcaddy.com

CIC Bella - Pink on Grass

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