Makeup Picture from InStyle Magazine


The occasional makeup shopping spree can leave your wallet in need of some recovery, but how much are you really spending on your products? Finance website gathered some eye-catching facts about beauty shopping, including that the average woman drops a cool $15,000 total during her lifetime on products!  InStyle Magazine

And I can believe it—stocking up on your must-haves can be expensive, with most women replenishing their makeup bags roughly five times annually.  There’s something about a new lipstick or eyeshadow that is so much fun….like instant gratification.  It’s kind of like a kid with a new toy.  But after spending $10.00-$35.00 on a new lipstick, can you imagine having it melt?  I don’t know about you, but I have had far too many lipsticks melt while at the pool, beach, playing golf or tennis.  I’m one of those that always has a lipstick with me and I felt there had to be a way to protect the investment.  Cool-it Caddy is a very “cool” new product that you simply freeze (it has built-in coolant, no drippy ice packs) and then grab and go.  Your heat sensitive items are protected from “heat meltdown”.   Now that’s cool!  Cool-it Caddy

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