Healthy Eating

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Quick and Healthy Snack Ideas

According to Eating Well, planning is key to eating healthy, well-balanced meals, and healthy snacks are no different. You need to have a game plan to keep yourself on track when hunger strikes. Stocking your fridge with ingredients for quick and healthy snacks can help you resist the vending machine when you’re at work or avoid that pint of ice cream in the freezer. So, whether you’re juggling family activities, work requirements or social commitments, plan ahead and you will have healthy snacks when hunger hits!  When on the road or at school pack your snacks to avoid that vending machine temptation.

Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking courtesy of listotic.com

Some healthy snacking ideas to pack and take along:

Raw Almonds

Peanut butter on celery

Hard boiled eggs

Fruit cut into handy bite sizes (apple slices or melon)

String Cheese



Pack your healthy eats in an Icepops snack pack bag by Cool-it Caddy.  A great and easy way to take along your snacks for the day while out and about. With it’s built-in coolant, you simply freeze it, pack it with your snacks and they are kept cool for hours.  Cool-itCaddy.com

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Women’s Golf Day

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Women’s Golf Day (WGD) is a global golf initiative launched in 2016 to introduce women of all ages to the game and encourage existing female golfers to “tee it up” in a fun and highly inclusive environment. The inaugural one day, four-hour event, spanned 28 countries in 485 locations, and introduced thousands of new golfers to the sport while transcending language, culture, religion, and race to celebrate golf, women, and community. To learn more about Women’s Golf Day and its upcoming event on Tuesday June 6, 2017 visit www.womensgolfday.com, @womensgolfday, #WomensGolfDay

For more information about the WGD global initiative or to participate on Tuesday June 6, visit https://womensgolfday.com/.


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Sunscreen Facts

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Questions about sunscreen?

As a golfer and a tennis player I get far too much sun exposure but I do try to be careful and wear not only sunscreen but protective clothing and a hat as well.  One of our partners, Lovely Skin, just posted a great article regarding sunscreen and I wanted to share it.  Also, don’t forget that heat can degrade sunscreen and by packing it into a freezable Cool-it Caddy® it will stay nice and cool (which feels good when you apply it as well! ) and it is protected.  Here is the post from LovelySkin.com:


Q: What does SPF mean?

A: SPF stands for sun protection factor, a measure of how long a sunscreen will protect skin against the UVB rays that cause sunburn. An SPF 30 provides 30 times more protection than no sunscreen, meaning that while you’re wearing it, it takes approximately 30 times longer before your skin is susceptible to a sunburn. Applying a sunscreen with SPF 30 protection will shield your skin from 97 percent of the sun’s damaging rays. SPF 50 provides slightly more protection, shielding you from 98 percent of harmful rays.

While SPF is a great estimate for how well a sunscreen will protect your skin, it should never be the only measure taken into account. Skin type, age and application technique are just a few of the factors that can make a big difference in how well sun protection works for you. Since there’s so much variation, it’s important to pay attention to your skin. If you feel sick or your skin is pink and hot to the touch, head inside right away.

Q: What doesn’t SPF cover?

A: Short answer: SPF doesn’t measure protection against the majority of rays that reach your skin. The sun emits two types of ultraviolet radiation: UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays contribute to premature signs of aging while UVB rays burn skin. Both UVA and UVB rays can cause lasting damage and lead to skin cancer. SPF only covers how well a product protects against UVB rays, which leaves your skin susceptible to damage. Broad-spectrum sunscreens can cover for UVA as well as infrared protection.

UV light only accounts for about three to five percent of what reaches us from the sun. The rest is made up of infrared rays, known as IR or IRA rays, which make up 55 percent. IRA rays penetrate skin more deeply than UVA or UVB rays and are responsible for the warmth you feel on your skin when spending time in the sun. They generate free radicals and contribute to inflammation, collagen breakdown and other signs of aging. Luckily, more and more brands are developing IR technology to help defend skin against heat-related stress. One of our favorites is Obagi Medical Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 50.

It doesn’t quite end there. The sun also emits UVC rays, which are present above the cloud line. This type of sun exposure is important to consider while skiing, hiking, etc. at higher elevations. Many sunscreens don’t test for UVC protection but the best sunscreens, such as EltaMD products, protect against it.

Q: How long does sunscreen last?

A: Once applied, sunscreen has the ability to protect skin for about two hours. If you’re swimming or sweating, you should plan on applying sunscreen at least every 40 minutes. Remember, there’s no such thing as too much SPF. Apply it as often as you’d like to keep your skin safe in the sun, and be generous—it’s takes one ounce, or a shot glass worth of sunscreen to protect the entire body from head to toe. Dr. Joel Schlessinger, board-certified dermatologist and CEO of LovelySkin, recommends applying every 20 minutes while spending time outdoors during the sun’s peak hours: between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Q: How does sunscreen work?

A: The way a sunscreen works actually depends on its active ingredients. Sunscreen can generally be divided into two types, physical and chemical. (Note: Some sunscreens contain both physical and chemical active ingredients.)

Physical sunscreens, also known as mineral sunscreens are made of natural minerals mined from the Earth, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These formulas are called physical sunscreens because they create a physical barrier between skin and harmful UV rays. This barrier reflects rays away from skin and keeps the majority from reaching its deeper layers.

Chemical sunscreens protect with chemical sun filters, such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate and avobenzone. These formulas actually absorb UV rays where a reaction takes place and the heat is then absorbed from skin.

You can shop our wide selection of sunscreens for every need and skin type here.

Q: Does sunscreen expire?

A: Yes! Just like all skin care products, there’s a definite shelf life for your sunscreen. The majority of sunscreens now come with an expiration date, usually located on the top or bottom of the container. If your sunscreen does not have an expiration date, you can use a permanent marker to write the date it was opened right on the bottle. Once opened, a sunscreen will last about one year. If you’re applying sunscreen daily, a bottle shouldn’t last long and you should have no trouble using it before its expiration date.

It’s important to never use a sunscreen past its prime. Not only will it lose its effectiveness, spoiled ingredients could actually cause infection or make your skin extra sensitive to the sun. If a sunscreen that’s been opened looks or smells “off,” just toss it.

Don’t forget your Cool-it Caddy when you head outdoors and fill it with lip balm, sunscreen and a healthy snack!

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Spring is here!

March 24th, 2017 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips - (Comments Off on Spring is here!)

No more warm weather meltdown.

Since spring is here and the temps will be climbing soon, it’s time to purchase a Cool-it Caddy bag to Melting Lipstickprotect your heat sensitive makeup, sunscreen, medications or snacks such as a protein bar with chocolate.  Heading out to play golf or tennis, heading to the beach or pool, getting on that bike or taking a hike, you might want to take a few essentials with you and if you pack them into a ‘freeze and go’ Cool-it Caddy you won’t have to worry about a warm weather meltdown!  Simply pop your Cool-it Caddy into your freezer until frozen or remove the coolant packs that are housed inside the walls of the bag and freeze those. Next step? Go play! Cool-it Caddy is always chillin’ by your side.

Check out the line at Cool-itCaddy.com.

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Summer isn’t the only time for sunscreen.

January 23rd, 2017 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips - (Comments Off on Summer isn’t the only time for sunscreen.)


4 Facts About Winter Sun That You Didn’t Know!

If you’ve put your SPF away for the year just because it’s cloudy and cold outside, we’ll tell you why you should always wear sunscreen to stay protected year round.

UV rays can pass through clouds.

Even when it’s cold and snowy, roughly 80% of UV rays are still passing through the clouds on the way to your exposed skin. That’s not all—UVA rays, the radiation responsible for premature signs of aging, can pass through window glass, too, so even if you’re spending your time indoors, you’re still getting sun exposure you don’t want. That’s why we recommend an everyday sunscreen like Obagi Sun Shield Tint SPF 50. It provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and protects against infrared rays, with 2 universal tints for cool and warm undertones.

Obagi Sun Shield Tint SPF 50

Snow can actually double your sun exposure.

You might think you should be more concerned about UV exposure in the summer, but it’s actually possible to get more sun damage in the winter. Why? You’re not only getting exposure from sunlight that hits you directly, but from all the light that’s reflected off the snow. An easy way to keep your skin healthy in winter is by adding sun protection in the products you already use. One of our favorites is glo minerals Tinted Primer SPF 30, which preps your skin for flawless makeup application while shielding your complexion with 4.5% titanium dioxide and 4% zinc oxide.

glo minerals Tinted Primer SPF 30

Winter weather means compromised skin.

UV exposure isn’t good when your skin is at its healthiest, but it’s even worse when skin is dry and chapped because of cold winter winds. Couple this with the fact that some of the thinnest skin on your body (your lips) can’t produce melanin, and that’s a recipe for premature aging. Luckily, though, your lips are covered with Supergoop! Shine On Lip Screen SPF 50, which delivers potent hydration and antioxidants from resveratrol while protecting your lips from whatever winter can throw at you.

Supergoop! Shine On Lip Screen SPF 50

UV damage comes from more than just the sun.

If you spend a lot of time at the office and don’t see a lot of sun in the winter, you should know that sunlight isn’t the only source of UV damage to worry about. Fluorescent ceiling lights, as well as the screens on your computer and phone, have also been shown to give off low levels of UV radiation, and these sources can cause premature aging over time if you don’t wear a daily sunscreen. We love EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46 because it’s lightweight, won’t clog your pores, and contains skin-nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

EltaMD UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46

For even better sun protection, pair your EltaMD UV Clear with HELIOCARE Sun Protection Pills, a once-a-day antioxidant supplement that protects your skin from free radical damage and boosts the effectiveness of your daily SPF.

HELIOCARE Sun Protection Pills

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How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out in 2017

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100 Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Tips


We all have some lofty resolutions for the new year but following through with them is another thing. Just read a great blog with work out tips that I would like to share.     Check it out at, http://garagegymplanner.com/motivation-to-work-out/.

How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out?

It’s that time of the year when thousands of people sign up for new gym memberships and then a majority of them just give up the very next week or month.

The first question on everyone’s mind is “How to get fit in 2017?” a close second is “How do I motivate myself to stay fit?”

How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out in 2017:

There are no shortcuts to fitness and you have to motivate yourself enough to get out the door and get working out.

A gym is an option to put your fitness plans into action. If you live far away from a gym, then you also have the option to get your own home gym set up with all the equipment that you’d ever want from a gym.

Motivating yourself to working out for some is harder than the workout!

Since this has been a recurring theme in the fitness industry, we’ve decided to go straight to the source and asked fitness experts a simple question:

What Would Be Your 3 Best Fitness Motivation Tips For 2017?

We posed this question to popular fitness experts to see what they had to say about it.

Read the rest of the article with tips from work out experts at http://garagegymplanner.com/motivation-to-work-out/.


Pack your healthy eats in an Icepops snack pack bag by Cool-it Caddy.  A great and easy way to take along your snacks for the day while out and about.


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‘Tis the Giving Season

November 27th, 2016 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips | Makeup and Cosmetics - (Comments Off on ‘Tis the Giving Season)

Christmas Gifts Photo jpeg

Our Holiday Wish


Gifts to buy! Parties to attend! Dinners to cook! Cards to write! With all that it can seem impossible to get everything done. Slow down, take a deep breath and you really can enjoy the whirlwind—and maybe even relax a little (crazy as that sounds). Our holiday wish is for you to have a happy, non-stressful season… with time to spare and time to remember what the Christmas holiday is all about.

From the team at Cool-it Caddy…..a very Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!


cic-contempo-with-cell-phone-in-pocketCool-it Caddy Contempo bag.  Now with removable coolant packs….freeze the whole bag for  grab and go convenience or freeze just the coolant packs for more room in your freezer. Keeps all your heat sensitive items cool and fresh while on the go.


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Not all sunscreens are doing the job of protecting!

May 20th, 2016 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips - (Comments Off on Not all sunscreens are doing the job of protecting!)

Nearly Half of Sunscreens Don’t Work as Advertised


Not all sunscreens were created equal when it comes to preventing sunburn, according to a study of sunblock lotions.

A Consumer Reports investigation found that 43% of sunscreens did not live up to the their labels, according to CBS. Consumer Reports tested 65 sunscreen products with an SPF of at least 30, which is the minimum level recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology.

Products were tested by having people apply sunscreen to their backs, sit in water for the specified water-resistant time and expose themselves to UV light. They were then checked for redness the next day.

Sunscreens that performed the worst were ones that contained titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as active ingredients, while top performers contained ingredients like avobenzone, according to Trish Calvo, Consumer Reports‘ deputy food and health editor.

The study also dismissed waterproof sunscreen as a myth, telling CBS that “no such product exists.”

Banana Boat, CVS and Shiseido disputed the results, according to CBS, with Shiseido saying there were “significant flaws” in the testing methodology.

The bottom line, check the ingredients in the sunscreen before you buy it and then protect it from the heat when out in the warm weather by keeping it in a ‘freeze and go”.  Cool-itCaddy.com

CIC Inside Shot 2

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Jordan Spieth, Trusting His Swing Coach

May 18th, 2016 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips | Golf Tips - (Comments Off on Jordan Spieth, Trusting His Swing Coach)

The trust between Jordan Spieth and swing coach Cameron McCormick is what has kept the two together for 10 years.

I am such a big fan of Jordan Spieth.  He just seems to have it all…..a fantastic golfer and a great person on and off the course.  Here is a clip about him and his trusted swing coach Cameron McCormick.  PGA Tour

Cameron McCormick knows the date. Not because it’s another fact stored in his encyclopedic brain, but because he’s been asked about it so many times. That was the date the Australian instructor gave his first lesson to the 12-year-old wunderkind from Dallas.

It was the date he met Jordan Spieth.

“I speak about it on a fairly regular basis,” McCormick said. “(It) was the date my life changed, I guess.”

Their relationship has lasted a decade. Spieth has won two majors and a FedExCup. McCormick was recognized as last year’s PGA of America Teacher of the Year.

This week’s AT&T Byron Nelson is Spieth’s hometown event, the tournament where many people heard his name for the first time. He was just 16 years old when he contended in the final round in 2010; he finished 16th, six shots behind winner Jason Day.

McCormick and Spieth had their first lesson less than 10 miles from TPC Four Seasons Resort, the site of this week’s event. McCormick was the director of instruction out of Dallas’ Brook Hollow Country Club when he was introduced to the player who would become his most famous student. He’d been a golf instructor for about 5 1/2 years when Jordan’s father Shawn called to ask for lessons for his son.

“(Cameron) wanted to have a conversation even before he wanted to see me hit shots. He wanted to know who I am, what my goals are,” Jordan Spieth said. “I thought that he was so passionate about (teaching) that we could continue to grow together.”

They’re having the same conversations a decade later.

“Being with him for that amount of time, you have another level of trust,” Spieth said. “We’ve kind of seen almost everything now and I think that’s very useful.”

This is the story of how an Australian who didn’t take up golf until he was a teenager became the trusted instructor of the reigning FedExCup champion.

For you golfers, be sure to take along a freezable Cool-it Caddy® to the links to keep your lip balm, snacks, meds, or any heat sensitive item CIC Bella - Pink on Grassicy cool!  I even put my allergy eye drops in mine…..sure feels great to put cool drops in your eyes instead of hot drops! Available in golf pro shops nationally or online at Cool-itCaddy.com.   Men’s and women’s styles available.


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The Cool-it Caddy® Bella Crossbody Keeps Things Cool When Temps Get Hot!

April 7th, 2016 | Posted by Deborah in Cool Tips | Golf Tips | Makeup and Cosmetics | Uncategorized | Women's Golf - (Comments Off on The Cool-it Caddy® Bella Crossbody Keeps Things Cool When Temps Get Hot!)

See what’s new and exciting at Cool-it Caddy

CIC Bella CrossbodyAs we head into this year’s warmer months many women face the dreaded problem of makeup melting while out enjoying the sun. Cool-it Caddy’s line of freeze-and-go bags help to solve this problem while maintaining a sense of style. The latest product, Bella Crossbody, is a highly fashionable and contemporary bag with an icy interior. Now with removable freezable gel coolant pouches, just pop them in the freezer until frozen, place in the zippered compartments of your bag and pack with your favorite things and go! Heat-sensitive items will stay cool for hours in extreme heat so no more lugging your beauty products in a cooler or packing your bags with condensation-producing icepacks.


“The new Bella Crossbody bag is a great addition to the Cool-it Caddy collection and fashionably combines functionality and class,” says Deborah Vinci, creator of Cool-it Caddy. “Every woman will love the classic exterior of the Bella and handy removable strap allowing it to be worn as a crossbody or carried as a chic clutch.”  Cool-it Caddy’s line of revolutionary “freeze, grab and go” bags conveniently travel in high temperatures keeping costly beauty products, snacks and medications protected from heat meltdowns. These functional yet fashionable bags discreetly store personal items while at the beach, shopping, traveling or playing outdoor sports by incorporating an integrated chemical coolant with lightweight insulation layers for freeze-and-go portability. What’s more is all Cool-it Caddy products are small enough to fit into backpacks, and beach bags or can be carried on their own.


Cool-it Caddy’s full line of products includes:

  • Contempo – A contemporary wristlet available in cobalt, black and pewter – 5 X 5.5 X 3” -$31.95.
  • Bella Crossbody – Available in two stylish colors, black and pewter – 10 X 7 X 3.5”- $39.95.
  • Cool-it Caddy for Men – Sports a razor-case design with handle and is available in black, pebble grain faux leather – $31.95.
  • Icepops – Made of canvas trimmed with white vinyl available in bright funky colors including lime, grape, blueberry and raspberry – $23.95.


All products are available at www.cool-itcaddy.com and boutiques nationwide.

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